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General Terms of Business

These terms apply for the online shop of the company

kaseee [design & art] – Katrin Sergejew
Bukarester Straße 13
DE 99510 Apolda, in the following called „KASEEE“

and the user and/ or customer (in the following stated as „user“) of all pages and contents of www.kaseee.com.


§1 – Choice of Items or/ and Products

(1) The user gets the possibility to choose products from the online available catalog and place an order through www.kaseee.com.

(2) Each product is presented with its respective subpage and a description.

(3) According to the terms of use the user may choose products and add them to a virtual shopping cart. With this cart all products will be collected. The user can purchase all items in the cart by clicking on the checkout button.

(4) Before finally placing the order with KASEEE the user will be enabled to check the order again for its correct and concrete content, especially for prices and quantity.


§2 – Right to Return terms or/ and Products

(1) The customer can return the ordered and unused goods within 20 days starting from the day of the delivery. Within this time there are no reasons required for the return.

(2) Only unused products will be accepted for return.

(3) In case of damaged goods due to the delivery, such as i.e. packaging, the user may state the reasons for the return of the consignment in written form.

(4) A reference to the invoice should be attached to the return to expedite the reversed transaction.

(5) The customer carries the costs for the return of the items, unless the delivered item does not correspond to the ordered one. If the

(6) This does not apply custom made products. The right of returning products or items does not exist for purchases of products or items which are made according to customer specification.

(7) If damaged or wrong products are returned, the full price of each returned item will be refunded once the items have been checked for any signs of usage and of its general conditions.

Returning consignments should be addressed to:

kaseee [design & art]
Bukarester Str. 13
DE 99510 Apolda

(8) If an ordered item is flawed the customer can request an alternative. This of course does not apply if the the flaw is caused by the customer.

(9) After the returned items were checked the paid price or prices will be refund. For the return postage KASEEE offers a pick up service or a prepaid shipping label. This should be requested by the customer.

(10) In accordance to reversing the transaction the customer is asked to send his or her bank account information. After receiving this information and after verifying the returned items the customer will be refund within 14 days.


§3 – Prices

(1) All prices of the offered items and products are valid as listed at the time of submitting the order.

(2) All prices include the german VAT of 19%. Not included are shipping or customs costs.

(3) Customers outside of the EU do not need to pay the german VAT.

(4) The customers agrees that he is in charge to fulfill all necessary taxes and customs charge by the authorities of the country the order is send to.


§5 – Contract

(1) All orders will be handled within 5 days and the customer will be informed whether the ordered items are available or not.

(2) If the items are available they will be dispatched for delivery within the longest delivery time given in the details of each product. (e.g. item A has a delivery time of 5 days, item B has a delivery time of 12 days, though the consignment will dispatched after 12 days).

(3) All given delivery dates concern the dispatch of the shipment. The final delivery depends of the delivery time of our delivery partner DHL.

(4) Prices for the delivery will be given during the checkout process according to the delivery adress given by the customer.

(5) The customer can submit changes to the order up to 3 days of the scheduled delivery dispatch. If needed a new delivery date will be scheduled according to the changes.


§6 – payment conditions

(1) KASEEE charges all orders in advance. The delivery will attach an invoice stating prices including value added taxes.

(2) The dispatch of the shipment depends of the time of payment.

(3) During the ceckout process the customer chooses from all payment alternatives, such as e.g. PayPal.


§7 – Liability and Guaranty

(1) The customer has to inform KASEEE of any flaw of the product and return it to according to the points above. According to §433 BGB and following the guaranty is limited to one year and KASEEE is entitled to repair or substitute the flaw product.

(2) KASEEE takes liability for indebtedness of all connected executives and employees to comply to the terms of business as laid down. This will not take effect if KASEEE is released of any breach of duties or any kind of indebtedness on the account of the customer.

(3) Liability on the grounds of guaranty, intention, deceit and or for personal damage as well as those according to product liability law remains unaffected.

(4) The agreed place of venue (place of jurisdiction) for all concerns is the local court of Jena, Germany.