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Responsibility editorial content: Michael Sergejew.

Development and realisation of the Online-Shop through www.mehrformat.de and www.kombinat-sued.de

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© 2007 - 2016 Copyright KASEEE [design & art] – Katrin Sergejew. All rights reserved. All content of the kaseee Websites, this includes but is not limited to, the kaseee web pages, programs, illustrations, graphics, pictures, video, audio, texts, scripts as well as the arrangement of those on the websites go under copyright protection and other laws to protect intellectual property. The content of the kaseee Websites may not be used for commercial, business and/ or public purposes. In particular the content may not be copied, distributed, modified or made accessible for others. Any copy made of the content must contain a kaseee copyright notice. Although notices of protected rights must not be removed. "kaseee" is a registered trademark within Germany. Without written permission granted by kaseee or the particular licenser there is no explicit or implicit right or an other way to use the content of kaseee websites. Improper use of the content is strictly forbidden. The user is not permitted to post any content to the kaseee Websites unless KASEEE has requested him to do so.

Note on Online Dispute Resolution

From 15 February 2016 on, the European Commission will provide a platform for online dispute resolution. This website, the so-called 'ODR platform', acts as a focal point for the extra-judicial settlement of disputes arising out of commitments that have emerged from online legally effective purchase contracts. Consumers have the opportunity to use this platform for the settlement of their dispute. The page will be reached via the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

Terms Of Use

The following Terms Of use apply to the websites offered by kaseee [design & art], in particular for www.kaseee.de and www.kaseee.com. This applies as well for all services associated, summarized as "kaseee Websites". These Terms Of Use may be supplemented, replaced or modified with/by additional terms and conditions in a specific case. The usage of this Terms Of Use is accepted at the time the user logs in and/ or, if no special log in is required, at the time the user is starting to use the kaseee websites.

Disclaimer & Liability:

Even though we checked the contents of extern links to other websites carefully, kaseee is not responsible for the content of these sites. kaseee takes no liability for such sites. The usage of such sites is on own risk of the user.

The user self is for all is activities on and connected with the kaseee Websites responsible.

KASEEE takes care for a proper maintenance of the kaseee Websites. Therefor kaseee takes no liability for technical difficulties, errors or mistakes. This also applies to mistakes in the content, such as text or product specifications. KASEEE reserves the right to change the Terms Of Use. This applies as well for modifying the content and the structure of KASEEE websites at any time.

To render any liability for any harm or damage directly or indirectly caused by the use of kaseee Websites, including downloads, kaseee accepts no liability. Of course theres is nothing in the Terms Of Use what limits or excludes KASEEE's liability in cases of gross negligence, intentional harm, injury to life, body or health, fraudulent concealment of defect of a material contractual obligation where or when liability is mandatory. KASEEE's liability for damages for defect of a material contractual provision will, whatever, be limited to the usual conceivable damage except in cases where intentional harm or gross negligence is involved.


The user of KASEEE websites is prohibited while using to inflict damage on people and from violating their rights of personality. Furthermore the user is not allowed to behave in a manner that violates public policies. Also the user must not send content that is obscene, insulting, libelous, pornographic or which glorifies violence or invades other persons privacy. And he must not infringe industrial property rights or copyright or other proprietary rights. This applies also for advertising goods or services and from soliciting transfers of economic benefit.

Any activities of the user which intend to damage or disable the functionality of KASEEE websites, or which complicate the use of KASEEE websites are prohibited. Such activities may cause civil or criminal proceedings.

User must not use the KASEEE websites in any illegal purpose. All user are only allowed to act for their own responsibility. In particular it is forbidden to subscribe any other person but oneself to the Newsletter or a customer account without their knowledge and written approval.

KASEEE retains the right to block the access of users at any time. This includes the time when the user harms his duties according to the Terms Of Use.

Registration & Password

Some parts of the KASEEE websites may only be accessable with a password. There is no general entitlement to a registration or a clearing for access through KASEEE.
KASEEE is authorised to cancel the access and to block the log-in at any time without reason or explanation. This applies particularly if the user gave wrong information at the registration, and if he violates applicable law during the usage of the KASEEE websites or the user did not use the account throughout a longer period.
The user is obligated to declare truthfully at the registration and subsequented amendments have to be made immedialetly.
After the registration the user receives automatically an eMail regarding the registration itself. The eMail address is used as user name for the account. During the registration process the user is asked to choose a password. This password could be changed later on after the first log-in. The user is obligated to keep the username and password a secret, the user must not share this information with any third party. Furthermore the user is engaged to protect the account from the access of third parties. The user and/ or customer is liable for the misusage of the own log-in data.


For merchants, according to the meaning of the German Commercial Code (HGB – Handelsgesetzbuch), the local court of Jena is the agreed place of jurisdiction

For all concerns the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany will be applied. The use of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods will be excluded.